VM Industries Inc. supplies computer and printing imaging supplies including; toners, inks, and maintenance parts for most laser and ribbon ink printing devices. We also provide media and accessories from multiple manufacturers. Over 70,000 items are available for next day delivery.With over 20 years of experience in this industry as well as our extensive technical background we are a prime choice for supporting our customers Imaging Supply Needs.

It’s with a great deal of pride that today VM Industries Inc. still reflects the simple values-based approach set forth by our founder, Vincent Mollica. While the approach is simple, industry challenges are not. In fact, they’ve grown exceedingly complex. And, in order to serve our customers to the degree they need, VM Industries Inc.  must offer more—more value, more innovation, and more performance.

Enter our CEO Vincent Mollica and Sales & Technical Manager Thomas Pearson. Both appreciate and honor the foundation that VM Industries Inc. was built upon, but they know that keeping it vibrant and growing requires a progressive, creative mindset and agile responsiveness to today’s demands.

They accomplish this through collaboration with VM Industries Inc. employees and suppliers, believing that good ideas can come from anyone. They both place a high degree of value on input from multiple sources within the company as well as customer’s needs to arrive at the most innovative solutions on behalf of our customers. This internal alignment toward a common goal is key to the stellar reputation VM Industries Inc. upholds today and sets a clear path to success for the long view.

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